Free Agents available after trade deadline

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Free Agents available after trade deadline

after the trade deadline, we would expect some players to be released, and those players would be looking to sign with contending teams. im listing out the potential buy-out candiates along with current free agents based on position (big-men, wing, PG), and list out teams looking for upgrade at those position and who they might look for.

free agents:
Big-Men: Kurt Thomas, Tony Battie, Mikki Morre, Big Z (if traded), Oberto, Elson
Wings: Hassell, Simmons, Diawara, Desmond Mason
PG: Antonio Daniels, Jacque Vaughn, Keith McLeod, Chucky Atkins, Mardy Collins, Jason Hart, Keyon Dooling

Big-Men: Spurs(Thomas/Oberto), Cavs(Big Z/Thomas), Hawks(Battie/Morre), Nuggets(Battie/Morre), Thunder(Thomas/Big Z)
Wings: Celtics(Hassell), Raptors(Hassell/Diawara)
PG: Celtics(Daniels/Collins/Hart), Lakers(Dooling), Spurs(Vaughn/Atkins), Bobcats(Dooling/Hart)

these are all based on assumption. and players that could be included into the lists:
Josh Howard
Drew Gooden
Kenny Thomas

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