How are you keeping up???

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How are you keeping up???

How is everyone keeping with all the latest trade rumors??? Who are you following on Twitter?? What websites are you constantly refreshing?? What big name gurus are you talking to??

I am following the cast and crew of "The Basketball Jones" and I am checking here and Yahoo! Sports..
Oh, also, I am following

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I am keeping tabs on and here is a big trade! LOL.

Darco Milicic is on the move again after being traded to the Timberwolves for Brian Cardinal.
The perennial disappointment will finish the season in Minnesota before ultimately returning to Europe when the summer hits.

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ROFL i just made a topic

ROFL i just made a topic about that trade...I follow, Twitter, Hoopsworld, and here...You guys get the news fast. Haha. Twiitter I follow a lot of NBA ppl

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wooo boy

Trade talks are really heating up right now... This is probably the hottest rumors and talks I've ever experienced unlike last 2008 where there were a lot of surprising deals... This is a lot more intriguing though because guys like Stoudemire, Jamison, Hinrich, Tyrus, Ray Allen aren't sure if they're sticking to their ball club...

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