If you knew how good durant was goin to be this good this fast

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If you knew how good durant was goin to be this good this fast

I understand at the time why blazers choose to pick the oden over durant...but if you knew how good durant was goin to be would you still pick oden....i mean i thought durant was talented but i thought dude was goin to score at a high rate on a team that will be a bottom feeder in the nba for most of his career...but this guy is a baller and in my opinion is way better then Roy....and if i knew he would be this good i would have drafted durant and traded Roy for a defensive big man...cuz this guy is on his way to greatness...i honestly believe that this guy will go down as one of the top best scorers in the history of the nba if this guy can stay healthy he is already breakin scoring records...and this organization stays commited to winning can help him go down as one of the greats..

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Durant will go down as one

Durant will go down as one of the greats of all time. I would have drafted him first and made him my number 1 option. Roy is best served as being a great number 2 option. I love Roy and I think he could have been the Pippen to Durant's Jordan

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Durant+Roy could have been

Durant+Roy could have been sick.

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