9 Reasons why the Knicks are 1 of the worst franchises in the NBA

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9 Reasons why the Knicks are 1 of the worst franchises in the NBA

It looks like the New York Knicks will fail to make the playoffs again this season..But dispite their failures the fans continue to support them..Only hoping they will soon turn it around..

1.Ewing trade..Trading Ewing was a bad decision on their part.It would've been easier to just let the aging /injured superstar go, after his contract ended the following year..That would've chopped 16 million dollars from their payroll..But instead they brought in aging and injured players Glen Rice,Vernon Maxwell, Luc Longley,Travis Knight and 2 other players.All 6 contracts totaled 90 million dollars..Longley retired in September of that year becuz of injuries.And the Knicks were stuck paying the remaining 4 year 36 million dollars left on his contract..

2.Poor Drafting-In just the past few years.They could've drafted Brandon Roy,Rudy Gay,Brook Lopez,Rajon Rondo,Andrew Bynum,Brandon Jennings or David West ...

3.Naming Thomas Coach & GM..Set the team back even farther..During Thomas time as GM ..He hired & fired 5 coaches..Brown ,Wilkens,Chaney,Herb Williams and Thomas himself..Thomas killed the Franchise 2 ways, in the front office & on the bench..Plus the bad free agent signings of Vin Baker,Jerome James,Jared Jefferies ,Didn't help..

4.G.M's..Since 1982 they've had 8 General Managers..Debusschere,Stirling,Bianchi,Checketts,Grunfeld,Layden,Thomas and now Walsh..I mean how can you build a franchise? When the GM is constantly changing? During Ewing tenure they failed to bring in another superstar..

5.Not protecting their draft picks in the Eddy Curry deal..The Knicks traded 3 players & 3 draft picks and the right to swap picks in 2007 to Chicago for Curry..They could've had the number 2 pick in the 2006 draft..Meaning they could've drafted young stars Brandon Roy, Rudy Gay or Lamarcus Aldridge..But they failed to protect their picks..

6.Trading for Marbury & Francis..Put the Knicks who were already over the salary cap ..Deeper in turmoil..They Had to take on the bloated contracts of Marbury & Penny Hardaway..Included in that trade is the Knicks pick this year..Which almost certainly will be a top 10 pick..To make matters worst.Even though they had just added Marbury, they acquired Steve Francis, another shoot first point guard, no defense playing point guard..Trading away the promising Trevor Ariza..

7.They play no defense..Remember the days when the Knicks were known as a dirty team? They had defensive minded thugs like Mason,Larry Johnson,Sprewell, Starks and even Ewing would knock guys on their ass for coming into the lane..Now they have D'Antoni's free-wheeling style and odd collection of players ..D'Antoni has them running..But neither he nor the team know where they're going...

8.Hiring Scott Layden as GM..Started the franchise's downfall..Layden overpaid for Shannon Anderson & Howard Eisley 2 guys that had been reserves their entire careers..Layden signed them to expensive long term contracts..The move was vastly critized by the New York media..He then signed guard Allan Houston to a max deal worth 100 million dollars..Houston retired in 2005...Leaving roughly 40 million dollars on the payroll....Drafting NeNe then trading his rights along with the rights to Camby for Mcdyess who never fit in the Knicks system..And then signing an aging Mutumbo to a 2 year deal..

9..The Sexual Harassment Suit..Brought another blackeye and unwanted bad press to the team..Thomas and MSG were sued by Vice President of Marketing Operations Anucha Browne Sanders for her firing and whut she claimed was a hostile sexual enviroment..MSG & Team chairman Dolan had to pay her 11 million dollars..

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Nice post brother. I still

Nice post brother. I still can't believe they did that trade for Curry.

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A few more years

Having Scott Layden and Isiah Thomas as GMs really set the Knicks back many many years with their crazy signing (heavily overpaid players regardless if they were career backup or star) and crazy trades (being the team that every other teams looking to dump bad contracts on).

Walsh had started to rebuild the team and he had a history of properly managing a team (the Pacers were good until Larry Bird took over).

So far, his moves have been targeting big name FAs in 2010, and he hadn't signed anyone beyond 2010. There were not really any players worth signing for big long contract since Walsh took over the Knicks anyway.

The goal of getting LBJ, Wade or Bosh may not work out as they may just stick with their own teams. However, at least the Knicks are free of bad contract (except for Eddy Curry which would be gone by 2011).

As long as Walsh is wise enough to sign reasonable contracts in this offseason even if he could not get LBJ, Wade or Bosh (looked at how Joe Dumar screwed up the Pistons' CAP for the next a few years by overpaying for Ben Gordon and Charlie V after giving away Billups to free up CAP).

They got some nice young pieces to build on, they just need to make sure they won't overpay them when they are up for the extension.

Among all the available coaches, D'Antoni is a decent coach although his team only plays offense. They certainly need a better PG to run the show though. It will probably take them another 2 years or so in order to build a solid team (unless they can get LBJ which is highly unlikely given the Cavs is doing so well).

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