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Not that bad of a mock draft but just a few suggestions to better your mock draft.
- Something is really telling me that New York is going to use both of their 2nd round pick solely on point guards.
- I love how you have Jarvis Varnado that high in the draft but to the Chicago Bulls? Jarvis is a special talent and can be a real force in the NBA defensively but I think that Chicago will use that pick on a low post defender.
- Lance Stephenson isn't having the kind of season that most people thought he would of had. I think he goes early to mid second round

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agreed. but favors isnt

agreed. but favors isnt having the season people thought either. both would get picked mostly off of what they can do in the future/potential

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Clippers taking a PF ever heard of blake griffin and why is miami taking to small forwards in the first round and why would okc get better bigs since there back court is stacked

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Where is Scottie

Scottie Reynolds should be in the late second round somewhere.

I like Monroe to the Sixers tho

As far as the second rounder, they already have enough tweener guards (Williams, Green). If we go guard, it should be more of a 'standard" 2 guard

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I think the Thunder will

I think the Thunder will take Sanders over Warren. They already have scoring machines in Durant and Westbrook, Harden in a few years

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