Stanley Robinson

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Stanley Robinson

Stanley Robinson is a player with immense potential and incredible athletic ability, but he is yet to consistantly show that he is worthy of being a lottery pick. His game is very unique...who would u compare him to?

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I'd compare him to somebody like a Gerald Wallace. He's a great rebounder with explosive athletic ability. He's also a pretty decent offensive player. I wouldn't compare him to Darius Miles at all. He is deserving of being a lottery pick due to his vast potential and I won't be surprise if he wins college most improved player.

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man did anyone see that hp

man did anyone see that hp step fast break dunk?...that was crazy. yeah he is a very talented player who could end up like marion

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i dont think he will be as good as wallace, i think he will be more like a prince, because he will never be offensively gifted as wallace just strong defense with role player type offense skill

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I would definitly not take

I would definitly not take him with a lottery pick...somebody said he would take like 4 or 5 years to develop, which if I'm drafting in the lottery, I want a guy who can come in a contribute now.

I've never been a huge Stanley Robinson fan, but I think he will carve out a role in the NBA as an energy guy off the bench who excells in transition and makes his mark off of garbage buckets, basket cuts, and transition dunks. He really doesnt have an offensive game. His offensive game is scoring at the rim, which is what he will do in the NBA. I don't think he'll every be a consistent starter for a winning team, but a solid 6th or 7th man would not be out of the question. Im thinking about 8 points 5 rebounds, maybe a block, a steal, that kind of thing.

I dont see the potential alot of people see in Stanley Robinson, I definitly dont see 15 to 17 ppg, but 8 to 10 is a possibility. If your expecting a savior for the franchise or a cornerstone type of player, then Stanley Robinson probably isnt the answer. But if he goes to a team with talent already in place, he could be a very good role player off the bench.

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Stanley Robinson= Jamario

Stanley Robinson= Jamario Moon

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