Malcolm Delaney

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Malcolm Delaney

What does everyone think about this guy's draft stock.. He probably may test the waters this year but might stay. I believe he is a fringe 1st rounder for 2011. He can score with anyone and has a great all around game. He is 6'3 so is a little undersized for a 2 guard but i compare him with the likes of a ben gorden. maybe a poor mans version

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He's not a fringe first

He's not a fringe first rounder or a poor man's Ben Gordon. He's a pure combo guard with almost no court vision. Gordon is one of the league's best shooters, Delaney can't hit a college 3-pointer with significant space. He's best with the ball in his hands, dribbling, but he lacks the court vision for an NBA team to be interested in giving him that opportunity.

He also lacks the special length and scoring knack that has allowed Monta Ellis that exact opportunity with an otherwise similar skill set.

Delaney screams second round for me, either this year or next. But Virginia Tech has every key piece returning for next year, and it could be even better than this year's 21-4 incarnate. With substantial team success, there's a chance Delaney vaults his draft stock into the first round, so he should stick around for another year. I've never believed a guy should leave early if he's going to likely be a second rounder, and that's the case with Delaney. 

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Malcolm Delaney= C.J.

Malcolm Delaney= C.J. Watson. He's quick and a decent athlete, and he can score relatively good. He's also got the same wiry frame and defensive ability. Delaney is nothing more than a middling bench player at the NBA level.

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