4 Way NBA Trade Machine Proposal

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4 Way NBA Trade Machine Proposal

So this is ridiculously big and 0% possible, but how well would you say it addresses team needs and wants?

OKC - Gives up youth/talent to be good now. Durant is ready to lead a contending team and could do so with that lineup. Westbrook and Iguodala would provide a scary backcourt and Durant Green and Dalembert would be a dominant frontcourt as well. Also Dalembert's big contract will be up after next year when Durant and Westbrook need extensions freeing money to sign them.

Philly - Cuts tons of cap space taking on 3 expiring contracts, and gains young talent needed to rebuild. With a top pick in this year's draft, Jrue Holiday, Thaddeus Young, Michael Beasley, Earl Clark, Marreese Speights and Lou Williams they would immediately be in rebuilding mode with just the contract of Elton Brand holding them back.

Miami Heat - Dwyane Wade + Amare. Gives up some secondary scoring and Beasley for a legitamite 2nd tier NBA player and NBA All Star starter. Makes the big move needed to keep Wade, and hopefully convince Amare to stay.

Phoenix - A team looking deal unloads its biggest trading chip, while getting Arizona State star James Harden back in the process. Also pick up young athletic Ibaka to replace some of Amare's athleticism in the future while gaining two expiring contracts in Haslem and Kapono to help them keep competing now. A step to rebuilding while Steve Nash is in town while gaining a local boy rookie prospect.

Any and all feedback is appreciated.

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