Kansas v. Texas A&M

This seems like it is going to be a good game. Texas A&M is now ranked #23 and have one of the more underrated players/scorers in Donald Sloan going against the almighty #1 ranked KU Jayhawks. It has been very intense and there is alot of defense.

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jayhawks win. yes! but

jayhawks win. yes! but aggies made it tough. aldrich looked good. final statline: 12 points 5 block 10 rebounds and 2 steals! wow what a game.

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Anybody else want to punch that Bryan Davis guy in his whine-hole?

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Bryan Davis is very

Bryan Davis is very energetic out there and wears his emotions on his sleeve. But yea, he's a person that you like if he's on your team but hate if he's not.

Aldrich was dominate on defense as usual. His arms are unbelievably long. Like, they are crazyyy

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