CB4 Trade idea

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CB4 Trade idea

So I know this is kind of absurd... and I really don't think or want this to happen... but a few of my friends were playing around with the idea and I wanted to see what people think

Toronto Receives : Andris Biedrins, Monta Ellis and Corey Maggette
Golden State Recieves : Chris Bosh, Jose Calderon and Marcus Banks

Reasoning for Toronto : Even though I don't think Chris Bosh will leave, If he chooses to go, this gives the team a nice package in return. With Biedrins playing Center, Bargnani can move to the PF slot, with both scoring and defence being addressed. They do lose Calderon for their push of the bench, but Bellinelli can handle the ball very well. As well as getting Monta who can become a 1st/2nd option with Bargnani, and Maggette coming of the bench behind Turkoglu.

Line up :

PG - Jack/ Bellinelli
SG - Ellis/ DeRozan/ Weems
SF - Turkoglu/ Maggette
PF - Bargnani / Johnson/ Evans
C - Bierdrins/ Nesterovic/ O'Bryant

Reasoning for Golden State :
They get Chris Bosh who with the salary dump thru the trade, they will be able to sign to a Max deal, as well as have room to sign another decent free agent. And with Steph Curry showing great promise, with a low post threat like Bosh, he will be able to flourish as a shooting option. With Jose Calderon they can use his great passing ability to ease Curry's PG play, and let him play the SG and become more of a scorer. Plus with a high draft pick projection they can draft young talent to build around Curry and Bosh.

I honestly don't want this trade to ever go down since I am a Raptors fan and love Bosh's game and passion for the city of Toronto. But I just want to see what people's thoughts are to this.

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I dont see why we want two more small guards when we have Curry

Curry is our point. Maybe Biedrins and Monta for Bosh + his 4 year extension. Curry is not a 2 in the NBA, he's a great passer so there is no need to make him a 2.

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no way for Raptors

too much salaries for the Raptors to take on (Andris Biedrins - 4yrs 36m, Monta Ellis - 4yrs 44m and Corey Maggette - 3yrs 37m).. and Biedrins and Ellis r quite injury-prone... and Maggette too selfish and block the development of DeRozan and Weems. also, although Jack is decent, he probably not the answer for Toronto long-term PG, and Ellis aint a PG anyways.

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I'm not sure if they could

I'm not sure if they could retain bosh.

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