2011 NBA Dunk Contest

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2011 NBA Dunk Contest

John Wall (He is a sick dunker who the league will want to market along with Griffin)
Blake Griffin (its in LA and he could easily win it)
Andre Iguodala (He should have won once, he could easily win it this time)
Lebron James (He'll finally do it)

This would be the best dunk contest in a LONG TIME. could u imagine?

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LeBron James Josh

LeBron James
Josh Smith
Andre Iquodala
JR Smith
Terrence Williams

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I think Blake would be a

I think Blake would be a great choice. That guy is ridiculously athletic.

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Terrence Williams Josh

Terrence Williams
Josh Smith
Andre Iguodala
John Wall

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young players

t will

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Lebron Blake TWill Wall AND a


add 2 more Iggy and Smoove

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I doubt Wall would enter the

I doubt Wall would enter the dunk contest, he would be sick in it but I just doubt he will enter. My list of four would be Lebron, Iguodala, Blake Griffin, and James White (I don't care if he's playing in Russia right now, best dunker in world. Youtube the dunk contest he entered in college if you haven't seen this guy dunk.)

Clippers you are right about Iggy, he should have won a few years ago when he threw one down after throwing it off the back of the backboard......that was disgusting.

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I dont know if James white

I dont know if James white is the best dunker in the world(see "Air Up There" from the And1 mixtape tour ) but yes he should be in it. They need to expand the field to 8 and include the NBDL players too. I mean why not include them, they are part of the NBA family.

These guys could be in the contest(some guys may or may not be able to participate, depending on which league they are in:

pops mensah bonsu
james white
mike taylor
gerald green
Taurian Fontenette(aka air up there aka mr 720. plays in the ABA now)
Andre iguodala
Josh Smith
Lebron James
Derrick Rose
Russell Westbrook
Terrance Williams
John wall
Blake griffin
JR Smith
Rodney carney
Jason Richardson
Sonny Weems

Any combo of 8 of those guys would be a very good competition.

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No love for Stanley Robinson?

No love for Stanley Robinson?

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use the nbdl winner

I say one spot should be saved for the nbadl champion from the year before...or maybe just a nbadl player that gets voted on by fans...Dar Tucker

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8 guys

what r u smoking pick 4 Mr.720 james white thats all u need lol but i want
wall griffen LBJ and iggy(robbed when nate won)

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