3 teams all helped in trade

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3 teams all helped in trade

3 team trade

Raptors + 6 Kings - 1 Philly - 7

Philly sends Dalembert, Breezec, and Iggy
Kings sends Martin, Sergio, Armstrong, and Thomas
Raptors sends Calderon, Evans and Belinelli

Philly gets Belinelli, Martin, Armstrong and Thomas
Kings gets Dalembert, Evans, Breezec, and Calderon
Raptors gets Iggy and Sergio

Philly Williams - Martin - Young - Brand - Speights
Bench Iverson/ Holiday - Green - Belinelli/Kapono - Thomas/Smith - Smith/Armstrong

Kings Calderon - Tyreke - Casspi - Thompson - Dalembert
Bench Udrih - Garcia - Greene - Nocioni/Evans - Hawes/Breezec

Raptors Jack - Iggy - Turk - Bosh - Bargnani
Bench Sergio - Weems - Derozan - Johnson - Nesterovic

Philly why gets rid of Dalembert but iggy but still gets cheaper good young talent and cap space
Kings why gets them the big muscle down low and it gets them someone who can play great with Tyreke
Raptors why gets them help at the 2 and they keep there stud Derozan

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don't think the Kings are

don't think the Kings are interested in an overpaid and declining point guard.

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