All-Star influence

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All-Star influence

Do you guys think a game like this can influence a players decision when it comes to free agency? I know that this is an exhibition with little defense and no set plays, but when you see Rose and Wade in the backcourt together or LeBron setting up Bosh, do you think the players think, 'hey this would be pretty sweet to play together'.

If so, I want to see Rose throwing oop after oop to Wade in the 2nd half.

Any thoughts on this?

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I would like to think Lebron

I would like to think Lebron and Wade are thinking about teaming up with David Lee, and this game has an influence on them lol. I can dream, right?

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They'll say how great it

They'll say how great it might be, playing along side another superstar..But privately everyone wants to be the man...Bosh said it last month..That he's a 1st option guy...But Bosh looked great receiving those passes from Lebron,D-Wade & Rose at the allstar game

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Wade and lebron were tossing

Wade and lebron were tossing serious oops to eachother, and Howard.

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