JJ Hickson

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JJ Hickson

If JJ goes to the Suns does he become the Suns starting PF or does he backup C. Frye? What kind of minutes do you think he will see? And what kind of production?

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they almost need to trade him to even have a chance at a future with Steve Nash 36, Grant Hill at 37, and a declining Jason Richardson are all starters... future doesnt look to great

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he becomes a starter

he becomes a starter

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definitely a starter

definitely a starter

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I almost don't think this trade will happen if the rumor is true that the Suns want Richardson in the deal. On the other hand if it does go down Hickson starts and then do the Suns have cap room this off season?

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I think they'd still do the

I think they'd still do the trade if Richardson is included. He gets paid a lot, but next season is the last year on his contract. Plus Dan Gilbert has said he's willing to spend whatever it takes. Taking on the contract of Richardson would be cheaper than losing LeBron to free-agency.

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im not too sure hickson will

im not too sure hickson will end up in phoenix, i think the suns would be getting a lot more with iguodala than hickson/ilgauskas

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Trading Amare this year

Trading Amare this year makes no sense..Unless they can get a young superstar in return..And Hickson isn't a superstar..A servicable player, but not someone you can build a team around...If Amare leaves..Do you think Nash wants to be a part of a rebuilding team at age 35? Kerr is a smart guy..If the Suns do trade Amare believe me, they're getting someone much better then Hickson in return...

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Yeah, and Lopez has come on

Yeah, and Lopez has come on late backing up Frye and even starting sometimes with Frye off the bench, Hickson would be their starter at PF for sure.

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He will become a starting

He will become a starting PF. I think he will get a solid amount of minutes. I think he will start producing right away. Anybody that plays with Steve Nash will get good production.

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True they want Iggy more but

True they want Iggy more but they don't want dalembert with him. Also Philly is hesitant because they don't believe Amare would stay with them and don't want to give Iggy to rent Amare.

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