DeMarcus Cousins News...Tennessee @ Kentucky etc...

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DeMarcus Cousins News...Tennessee @ Kentucky etc...

I didn't see anybody post anything from the Tennessee @ Kentucky game from last night so I figured I would give you a summary of what happened:

Dick Vitale said "I'm hearing Cousins is coming back next year. We are hearing that from everybody"  

???? Hard to believe Cousins is coming back next season to Kentucky.

Cousins overall didn't play well.  He got REALLY FRUSTRATED because he kept missing his free throws.  He took off his headband & threw it on the ground when he went to the bench once.  Cousins & JP Prince both got technicals early in the game because they kept talking trash to each other haha.  

Cousins was  being guarded by Brian Williams (the big dude for Tenn.) for a second.  Cousins did his patented base line spin move on Williams.  He got fouled in the process.  Cousins then looked at Williams & said "Get the F out of here" lol.

As you can see Cousins is entertaining but his emotions continue to hold him back some.   Overall Cousins probably had one of his worst games this season. A lot of that was due to the zone defense that Tennessee was playing. Part of his problems came from just getting frustrated & losing it mentally.   

Bledsoe probably played the best for Kentucky.  Him & Wall actually have a lot of similarities.  They both are great on fast breaks but struggle in the half court offense.  Both are really quick & crafty around the basket.  They both don't get much lift on their 3 point shot.  Bledsoe is the better shooter.  Bledsoe mainly is just effective shooting 3's when he is wide open though. Wall was his usual self, pretty impressive but nothing great.

It looks like Kentucky really doesn't even try on defense a lot of times. I've noticed this a bunch throughout the season. However, when they choose to play defense & give 100% I really don't think there is a better defensive team in the country.  They have so much size/length/athleticism.   They are going to be nearly impossible to beat in the tournament. I have a feeling they are going to turn it up a notch.  I've seen some games where there opponent has trouble even getting a shot off when the Wildcats are keyed in defensively. 

Scotty Hopson played OK.  The fact that Tennessee doesn't have a solid passing PG really hurts how effective Hopson is. I promise he is wide open a ton during games either at the 3 point line or when he cuts to the basket but he rarely gets the ball passed to him.  Poor PG play.  The small guards (Maze & Goins) for Tennessee like to go one on one to much.  I was at the Tennessee @ Vandy game several days ago...I can tell you Tennessee is not the 12th best team in the nation. Realistically they should be ranked in the 25-35 range in my opinion.  They will probably get bounced early in the tourney...If they get matched up against a team like Siena or Northern Iowa it is game over for the Vols.  Vanderbilt on the other hand is tough.  They have solid chemistry & are a very underrated defensive team.  They could be a sleeper team to make some noise in the tourney.

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Acts like a 5 year old. Yes, he is the best big men in the Country (Cole isn't close to him offensively), but he really needs to improve his attitude and mentality. These type of issues can really hold you back. As we've seen so many times.

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I think Tennessee is a year

I think Tennessee is a year away. They have alot of really physically gifted players who need more polish and experience. Good evaluation though. I only got to see the 2nd half

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dick vitale

wasnt he screaming about getting rid of the one year of college rule during the game? i thought he was one of the biggest fans of it when they started it

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im not buying the taalk of

im not buying the taalk of him coming back.. i wish i had a dollar for everytime people said that about player. the same thing was being said when durant was in college and many others. i agree cousins is the best offensive big man in the country and cole isnt close on offense just like cousins isnt close as cole on defense and with cousins being the better rebounder

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