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What is Brian Colangelo doing?

So far he has done nothing, and the trade deadline is coming up.

Alot of people are saying Bosh will leave if the Raptors dont sign another Big-Time player.

I know the Raptors are having good season, But What would be the best thing to do?

Make some trades ( please comment ) OR keep the core of the team and see what Bosh does at the end of the season?

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my take

well i think the raptors should do nothing. the team is finally coming together after over 10 new faces came to the team in the off season. they are starting to play good, very good and triano just put in a defensive scheme that is starting to work. guys are enjoying themselves and they are playing hard. this team is deep due to all the lil trades colangelo made during the off season like getting wright, belinelli, weems, and johnson that seemed like nothing but have been contributing bunches to the team. ya, BC's biggest move, to get hedo, hasnt looked to great but hedo isnt a star, he is a glue player that can do a lil bit of everything and even he is starting to come into his own recently.
i also say, keep bosh, because then there is a chance he will stay because he is winning and he is having fun. if he leaves, the raps have cap room, and with that much room for colangelo i cant wait to see what he would do.. he gets guys that look like nothing and actually contribute to the team. So i say, stay the same and see how things go, why not make a playoff run cause this team is built for an upset.

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Calderon to the Thunder for

Calderon to the Thunder for Etan Thomas, Maynor, and their 1st Round Pick. Have more $$ to sign another FA, Joe Johnson? Jack has performed better at PG than expected, Maynor is an insurance policy on that, more breathing room to hopefully sign another FA, 1st rounder could end up being somebody like James Anderson, Larry Sanders, Jarvis Varnado, Dexter Pittman.

I like Westbrook as a slasher, especially with Calderon, I think they'd be a lot tougher to beat.

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over their last 24 games

over their last 24 games they are 18-6. I think they have no choice but to sit and watch this season. If they have a good playoff run bosh might stay.

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Raptors will do nothing big

Colengelo probably wouldn't do anything big before the deadline. The Raptors just started playing very well together with some balance and good offensive along with improved defense.

I doubt Bosh would leave if BC will offer him a max contract (which I personally don't think it's a good idea, but that is probably the only way to keep Bosh so that the Raptors continue to stay competitive).

The core of the team is already in place, but the Raptors are still not good enough to be a title contender. BC would probably evaluate the situation in the summer and determine what to do.

The worst thing that can happen would be Bosh leaving, but I am pretty sure BC would be able to get something out of a S&T. Bosh and Bargnani are starting to play better together, but they are still 2 good PFs. If Bosh leaves, the Raptors should look for a real C and move Bargnani to the PF, so the Raptors should still be decent. Bargnani still has a shot to reach Dirk's level and he's still a very young player.

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Big Trade

3 team trade

Raptors + 6 Kings - 1 Philly - 7

Philly sends Dalembert, Breezec, and Iggy
Kings sends Martin, Sergio, Armstrong, and Thomas
Raptors sends Calderon, Evans and Belinelli

Philly gets Belinelli, Martin, Armstrong and Thomas
Kings gets Dalembert, Evans, Breezec, and Calderon
Raptors gets Iggy and Sergio

Philly Williams - Martin - Young - Brand - Speights
Bench Iverson/ Holiday - Green - Belinelli/Kapono - Thomas/Smith - Smith/Armstrong

Kings Calderon - Tyreke - Casspi - Thompson - Dalembert
Bench Udrih - Garcia - Greene - Nocioni/Evans - Hawes/Breezec

Raptors Jack - Iggy - Turk - Bosh - Bargnani
Bench Sergio - Weems - Derozan - Johnson - Nesterovic

Philly why gets rid of Dalembert but iggy but still gets cheaper good young talent and cap space
Kings why gets them the big muscle down low and it gets them someone who can play great with Tyreke
Raptors why gets them help at the 2 and they keep there stud Derozan

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