Say you were a mid major college basketball coach....

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Say you were a mid major college basketball coach....

Say these jobs opened up

UCONN, UCLA, L'Ville, Indiana, NC State and Michigan

Which one would you take?

I would take Indiana.

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I would take UCONN, they

I would take UCONN, they have a great tradition of big men and they probably would have an easier time recruiting them. UCLA would be my second.

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I'd go UConn because it's

I'd go UConn because it's easier to recruit if your a coach at that prestigious a school. You have to set a pipeline at a few New York/New Jersey schools and AAU programs and you'd be good to go.

My order would be:

1.) UConn
2.) UCLA
3.) Louisville
4.) Indiana
5.) NC State
6.) Michigan

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ucla. The greatest program

ucla. The greatest program in college in the number 1 state for recruits nation wide. Easy

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Being a Pac-10 guy, and just loving the campus/prestige/history. None of the others really interest me much, as I would much prefer the west coast, and this is coming from someone who has spent most of his life on the east coast, so yes, I know what I am talking about and it is just my opinion.

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Hmm all good options, but a

Hmm all good options, but a few great ones.

Indiana- They have been a mess for the past few years and will continue that way for a few more years.

Louisville- Taking the Louisville job will always be looked at as did you do better than Kentucky

NC. State- If you succeed there you're one hell of a coach, just in state recruiting is hard having to compete with Duke, Wake Forest, and UNC as well as on a national level.

Michigan- They're just not meant to succeed in basketball.

UConn- Big East program, easy to recruit produces many NBA players lots of exposure.

UCLA- Great Legacy, probably top 3 in all of college hoops, great players to come out of the program. Great place to go if you're a guard with Russell Westbrook, Darren Collison, and Jrue Holiday all 1st round picks.

So if it were up to me I am an east coast guy, so I am taking UConn. Though, UCLA is my 2nd choice if I wanted any other of the five.

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My Order if I was the mid-major coach

1. UCLA-great history and with good recruits will always have a chance to win the Pac-10 since the Pac-10 is not as good as the other power conferences
2. UCONN-has a great recruiting pipeline with NY and NJ and being able to coach in the oh so competitive Big East would be pretty darn cool
3. Louisville-Louisville and Indiana was a tough decision because of Indianas history and I think they will be competitive in 2-3 years
4. Indiana
5. Michigan-I just dont see them being that competitive
6. NC State-recruiting would be extremley tough with the likes of Duke, NC, and Wake being in the same state

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I would take UCONN as first choice and NC State as my second.

I always been a fan of UConn, and I guess I would enjoy the challenge that NC State has if I already had success with mid majors (Mark Few of Zags for example)

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