It's been awhile

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It's been awhile

The last time the East hosted the All-Star Game was way back in 2003 in Atlanta... It was Michael Jordan's final farewell to all of us... Ever since then, the West has been hosting the event... I hope this 2012, David Stern will consider a venue in the East... It's been crazy...

2004- Los Angeles
2005- Denver
2006- Houston
2007- Las Vegas
2008- New Orleans
2009- Phoenix
2010- Dallas
2011- Los Angeles (again!)

I hope in 2012, the NBA should give this one to Toronto... I think they have great fans out there who are excited to host this great event...

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Can't agree more

Completely agree... they need to bring it back to the East... also Toronto is a great destination... it would bring more attention to the city, especially since most of the NBA cities don't hear much about Toronto outside the false Chris Bosh rumours!

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I think, and maybe Im wrong,

I think, and maybe Im wrong, but having it in Toronto would be a hassle for 90% of NBA fans. Getting a passport and heading across the border is alot of work. I know it isnt fair but the NBA is going to have it in the place where they will make the most money. I think if it is in Toronto, lots of people wont go because of the trouble it would be. Also, I think they like to have it in a place where it is warm, unlike Dallas this year, so people can be out and about. I know if it were in the East, Toronto is the only place that I wouldnt go to see it... Sry Canada...

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Bring it back to New York. I

Bring it back to New York. I was like 6 or 7 when it was last in NY, and I want to have that all-star experience.

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i don't think it is a east

i don't think it is a east vs west thing or that either conference even has an advantage in the game because of "homecourt". It usually goes to newer arenas and cities that can handle having a lot of tourist activity.

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8th Deadly Sin

There has been worse weather in America recently than in Toronto! It's not even snowing here, and Washington/Baltimore has already more snow in one day than Toronto has had all winter! And about the American's coming over the border, Terrell Owens came to a Raptors game and so did Johnny Flynn's family when the the T-Wolves came to Toronto. Chris Rock has been to Raptors game, so hopefully it isn't too hard to come here.

Toronto would be the perfect city to host it!

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Toronto would be a great

Toronto would be a great place to host the All Star Game because Stern wants to go International.

I think NY, DC or even Boston are good spots for a East Coast ASG

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