Does the trade of Butler means the Wizards won't bring back Arenas?

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Does the trade of Butler means the Wizards won't bring back Arenas?

Looks like Washington is about to start a fire sale...1st shipping out 2 time AllStar Caron Butler..And Jamison is rumored to be next...So does this mean the Wizards will buy out Arenas contract? Or will they try trading him this summer? Trading Butler gives them 8 million in cap space and if they rid themselves of Jamison they'll have almost 20 million to spend this summer...As for Arenas, it seems that the talented but troubled guard has played his last game for the Wizards...The Wizards and their fans were so excited to begin the season..They were expected to be 1 of the elite teams in the East..Young center Javale McGee & guard Nick Young played well toward the end of last season..The were being counted on as future starters..There was the return of Allstar guard Arenas after 2 injury plagued seasons..He was expected to team with allstars Jamison & Butler...Washington traded it's number 5 pick for veterans Mike Miller & Randy Foye...But things went down hill ....

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I think they are gonna strip

I think they are gonna strip it down and rebuild, this franchise was just doomed to failure with this squad. They were awesome when everyone was healthy, which was for about 20 games a season at best.
The Wizards could try to void Arenas's contract, as the gun possesion and felony charge would be violations of the contract he signed, or so i would venture a guess at. I dont really know how they will deal with Arenas contract but im quite sure that he is not going to play for the Wizards again.

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no chance areans has a bad

no chance areans has a bad contract and i don´t think any team will take him in a trade... so the only option is to void his contract and i don´t know if the nba will allow that to be done...
so i think they have no choice other than to play him. he is untradeable because of that huge contract and he also is to good to be left on the bench... very difficult to handle...
just like the elton brand contract...
i mean it is a real mess up there in DC and it will take a long time to clean that up...

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If the Wizards trade

If the Wizards trade Jamison, which they should, the most logical move left will be to get rid of Arenas by any means possible. But once you look at the options they have, the outlook on Arenas's movement is very bleak.

Who's gonna trade for Arenas? He has a contract that would eat up any team's cap space and then some. Any player with a history of injuries is cautious as it is, and to add on that, the whole gun charge pretty much eliminates trading him.

Buying him out would be pointless because Arenas would be a fool to agree to that, regardless if he want to play or not.

Voiding his contract is such a sticking point that it wouldn't make sense to try. The moment the Wizards try voiding Arenas's contract, the Players' Association will be on their collective asses, even though the Wizards have reasonable doubt on their side (I mean, Arenas did plead guilty to the gun charge and he broke league rules and violate some of the strictest gun laws in the country).

With all that said, it looks like Gilbert Arenas will be stuck in the Chocolate City for awhile.

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I hate they can't void his

I hate they can't void his contract, he broke the rules of his contract (I assume) and it should be voided because of it. What argument is their against voiding his contract, is anyone pro pointing guns at people.

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