All-Star Game!

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All-Star Game!

Who wins it? I say the East.

LeBron, Wade, and Dwight better have some good stuff planned for it to make up for today's crap dunks.

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I have a feeling this year's

I have a feeling this year's game isn't going to be as competitive as previous years... Basically just guys not trying to get injured and clowning around. It's been more about the partying behind the scenes for the players, not the actual all-star festivities...

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Yeah, this entire all-star

Yeah, this entire all-star weekend has sucks.... this point im looking forward to the trade deadline more than I am the all-star game

Like tezo83 said, Dont think they'll be as competitive as the usual

But if it is.....I got the East, with a HUGE game from Lebron, seeing as how hes the only one that might come out competitive

East Wins, Lebron MVP, David Lee heard it here first

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i have to be honest, the

i have to be honest, the dunk contest was awful. But you guys are kinda overreacting acting like this ruins the whole weekend. I guess i just don't care about the dunk contest as much others.

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