WTF No Derrick Rose

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WTF No Derrick Rose

Damn you NBA!!!! I blame your skeds for this bull s h i t... Derrick Rose is no longer in the Skills Challenge? If it wasn't for your bullcrap back to back sked... Rose wouldn't have injured his hip... Dwight Howard was an idiot for giving a hard foul on Rose but if it's not for that stupid back to back s h i t games... Rose wouldn't have been injured..

The Bulls have 23 back to back games this season... The most high among 30 teams... The hell???? Why not give it to the freakin' Lakers... Celtics... SPurs... I'm sure they can handle that... BS NBA!!!! I'm freakin disappointed...

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The NBA: Where Injuries

The NBA: Where Injuries Happen

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23 back to back games and 2

23 back to back games and 2 long road trips because of the circus and the ice capades...the ice capades!!

He is still playing tomorrow though right?

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D-Will was doing sooooo goooood...

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i wish i could of saw him vs

i wish i could of saw him vs Tyreke like back in their old AAU days

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Terrible All Star

Terrible All Star weekend....Rose better start tomorrow night....NBA is a business...from scheduling to the lottery...its all rigged...they will do whatever makes them the most money.

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