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what did u guys think about it it got fun to watch during the shoot out with rondo and durant rando was knocking them down and thoughts

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i told everyone that rondo

i told everyone that rondo would be fine because he is a nba player and he was shooting with no pressure. i picked casspi to win and he seemed a little shy and didnt perform. i thought is kind of boring until the end. too mant commercials, and the ref thing is dumb. it is horse it doesnt have to be super official just shoot it and let the next guy shoot in the same area. anyway i cant wait til the 3pt contest and dunk contest. i got steph curry and shannon brown with chauncey and derozan as runner ups

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casspi admitted earlier this

casspi admitted earlier this week that he never even played horse before and it showed but that part with the kid in the dallas jersey was pretty funny

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The shoot out was more

The shoot out was more entertaining than the other 30 minutes wasted on HORSE time...

Kevin Durant has the scoring ability to win this every year until the day he retires...

Surprised to see Rondo knock down those 3s the way he did, i think he would've struggled more if they were free throws lol

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Was an abomination. I want my life back. Honestly, we know NBA players can make incredible shots, heck, a lot of people can, but narrowing it down to 3 players and with the incredibly annoying format is just BORING. If it were pre-taped or even in a tournament style like the old school CBS style, maybe it could be different, but if I have to listen to Kenny Smith and Chris Webber (this year I would say hung over Barkley too), barking out a bunch of instructions, than I would rather swim with anacondas. It was obnoxious, the people who watched it should get their money back and it just sucks the fun out of HORSE. Shoot them playing a practice game, it would remove the time limits and ridiculousness of the endless misses that usually happen in a game of HORSE, but you are not as bored because you do not have to wait for a bloody ref to hand you the ball. End this mockery, change the format, or just have a top of the key shooting contest.

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I remember someone said all

I remember someone said all KD had to do was shoot 3's to knock off Rondo and during that shoot out I bet Rondo proved to some people that he's not that bad. I was impressed with how many he was making. And this year KD got a good trophy unlike that plastic Toy Horse he got last year LOL.

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Has improved his shooting and his shot form is fine. He just needs to be confident. Been saying that for a while. He will be a good shooter sooner rather than later. Has been hitting threes often lately

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