Stoudemire TO Chicago!!!

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Stoudemire TO Chicago!!!

Luol Deng + Tyrus Thomas + 2011 1st Round Draft Pick FOR Amare Stoudemire + Jason Collins

Bulls do this because they get another stud in Amare to put next to Rose and Noah. Plus by getting rid of Deng's contract, they open up more money to go after Wade/Joe Johnson/Rudy Gay exc....

Suns do this because they really wanted Iggy and Dalembert trade but Sixers didnt fall through with it. Deng and Iggy are similar production wise and Deng make 10 mil for the next 5 years compared to Iggy 12 mil for next 5 years. Tyrus and Dalembert have similar playing styles, but Dalembert is a little bit bigger. Tyrus and Deng could play really well in Phoenix's uptempo they get Chicago's 1st rounder for next year.

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