these are the past number one picks in the past 10 as well as top 5 picks

2009 blake
2008 Derrick Rose Chicago Memphis
2007 Greg Oden Portland Ohio State
2006 Andrea Bargnani Toronto Italy
2005 Andrew Bogut Milwaukee Utah
2004 Dwight Howard Orlando SW Atlanta Christian Academy (GA)
2003 LeBron James Cleveland St. Vincent-St. Mary HS (OH)
2002 Yao Ming Houston China
2001 Kwame Brown Washington Glynn Academy

1. CHI -- Derrick Rose

2. MIA -- Michael Beasley

3. MIN -- O.J. Mayo

4. SEA -- Russell Westbrook

5. MEM -- Kevin Love

1. POR -- Greg Oden

2. SEA -- Kevin Durant

3. ATL -- Al Horford

4. MEM -- Mike Conley Jr.

5. SEA -- Jeff Green

Toronto Raptors Andrea Bargnani, Forward, Italy
Chicago Bulls (from New York) LaMarcus Aldridge, Forward, Texas (to Portland)
Charlotte Bobcats Adam Morrison, Forward, Gonzaga
Portland Trail Blazers Tyrus Thomas, Forward, Louisiana State (to Chicago)
Atlanta Hawks Shelden Williams, Forward, Duke
Minnesota Timberwolves Brandon Roy, Guard, Washington

Milwaukee Bucks Andrew Bogut, Utah
2 Atlanta Hawks Marvin Williams, North Carolina
3 Utah Jazz Deron Williams, Illinois
4 New Orleans Hornets Chris Paul, Wake Forest
5 Charlotte Bobcats Raymond Felton

Orlando Dwight Howard | F | 6-11 | 240
SW Atlanta Christian Academy (Ga.)

2 Charlotte (from LAC) Emeka Okafor | F-C | 6-10 | 252

3 Chicago Ben Gordon | G | 6-3 | 200
4 L.A. Clippers (from CHA) Shaun Livingston | G | 6-7 | 175
Peoria Central HS (Ill.)
5 Washington Devin Harris | G | 6-3 | 185

. Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James, F, St. Vincent-St. Mary's HS
2. Detroit Pistons (from Memphis) Darko Milicic, F/C, Serbia and Montenegro
3. Denver Nuggets Carmelo Anthony, F, Syracuse
4. Toronto Raptors Chris Bosh, F, Georgia Tech
5. Miami Heat Dwyane Wade, G, Marquette

1 Houston Yao Ming, C, Shanghai Sharks
2 Chicago Jay Williams, G, Duke
3 Golden State Mike Dunleavy, G/F, Duke
4 Memphis Drew Gooden, F, Kansas
5 Denver Nikoloz Tskitishvili,

. Washington
Kwame Brown, F, Glynn Academy

2. L.A. Clippers
Tyson Chandler, F, Dominguez HS
(Rights traded to Chicago)

3. Atlanta
Pau Gasol, F, Barcelona
(Rights traded to Memphis)

4. Chicago
Eddy Curry, F/C, Thornwood (Ill.) H.S.

5. Golden State
Jason Richardson, G/F, Michigan ]

1. New Jersey Kenyon Martin Cincinnati
2. Vancouver Stromile Swift LSU
3. L.A. Clippers Darius Miles East St. Louis HS
4. Bulls Marcus Fizer Iowa State
5. Orlando (from G.S.) Mike Miller Florida

this is why i say some players arent overrated for there projected draft positions and why i have said a player doesnt have to be a game or team changer nor super star in order to be a top 5 pick and in some cases not even a top 3 pick. i think we forget history and get carried away with some of the players( ive even done it) while not remebering what history has shown us. do you know according to some on here this years draft will be one of the best ever going by comparisions?..i think people do that without really thinking. even the best case senerios arent that realistic if you look at past drafts. so when some one says ed davis or greg monroe or some other player being a top 5 pick is real dumb take a look at the past picks and then think would it really be that unrealistic ?

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Eddy Curry, Marcus Fizer,

Eddy Curry, Marcus Fizer, Tyrus Thomas....ugh!!!!

Quincey, I am not following what you are saying...please give more examples.

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ok...im saying how some

ok...im saying how some people think davis isnt good enouhg to be a top 5 pick.

or that a top 5 pick should be a game changer or super star or even a top 3 or 4. but as you can see by the past drafts that many arent games changers or superstars.
each comparisions to some of the top players to this draft are to allstars and in some cases hall of famers

the past drafts have shown that the cances of those comparisions being true are slim to none. according to some this years draft will have

penny hardaway
scottie pippen
zach randolph
brandon roy
or dwade all within the top 5 picks. i think the comparisions need to be lower and some of the guys dont have the ceiling that some people think they have.

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Someone else said in an

Someone else said in an earlier post, can't remember who, that it just makes it more interesting for the fans. I seriously doubt scouts take these sites into account when drafting players ( sorry Aran ).

When you see a player compared to Wade, as a fan, it gets you excited about him. On the flipside, when you see a player compared to say, Darius Miles, you think--bust!

I agree that the comparisons are not fair most of the time but it makes for great debates.

I wonder if the players check out their own comparisons. Some must be really disappointed.

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heres some from some old

heres some from some old post

John Wall-PG version of D-Wade
Derrick Favors-hard working Amare
Greg Monroe-C.Bosh, better size
Ed Davis-Tyrus Thomas, more defensive player
Willie Warren-Ben Gordon with Eric's upside
Donatas Motiejunas-somewhere between Pau and Dirk
Evan Turner-Roy/Butler
Henry-young Pierce

Scotty Hopson-J.R. Smith

John Wall-Derrick Rose meets Dwyane Wade

DeMarcus Cousins- Mareese Speights

Kemba Walker-Ty Lawson

Terrico White- Caron Butler

Wesley Johnson-Danny Granger

Derrick Favors-Amare (better defender/rebounder)

Larry Sanders-Tyrus Thomas (worse mid-range game

John Wall - Derrick Rose/D'Wayne Wade

Xavier Henry - Paul Pierce (More Athletic)

Derrick Favors - Josh Smith (Hungrier)

Greg Monroe - Jermaine O'Neal (Pre Injuries)

Evan Turner - Bigger Brandon Roy


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yeah i know the scouts dont

yeah i know the scouts dont take it seriously and i can understand being interesting but the same people belittile someone for making a interesting trade idea and tell them be more realistic

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The one's with the spaces in

The one's with the spaces in the middle are comparison's I made at the beginning of the year lol

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actually youres is the

actually youres is the closest to seeming realistic

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