Chicago/Phoenix Trade

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Chicago/Phoenix Trade

I read somewhere that the Suns also want to get rid of Richardson's contract.

With Miller and James expiring contracts the Suns open up about 18 million dollars in a year where everyone is trying to get expiring contracts to either lower pay roll or make a play at top free agent this year.

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I think any Bulls/Suns trade

I think any Bulls/Suns trade has broken down at this point. Although thats usually when they happen, when no one is talking about it. The Bulls aren't looking to take on any contracts right now. I wonder if Pax and Kerr are good friends.

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Bulls should trade

Bulls should trade Deng+Tyrus and next years 1st round draft pick FOR Amare....helps them cap wise for this summer and they get another star to play next to Rose and Noah. Suns get athletic player in Tyrus to play in their uptempo system and a very good player in Luol Deng who will replace Grant Hill.

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is this the same post as

is this the same post as another one?..i swear someone just said almost the same thing you just said Csharp3410

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This is probably going to

This is probably going to happen, I love the trade machine!

I know I don't post much, but I read posts just about every day. I hate the trade machine! they should have a seperate trade machine forum so people who actually care about this stuff can look at it. It reminds me of playing NBA live and playing dynasty mode, just because it will work doesn't even mean those teams are talking! When one of these proposed trade machine trades actually goes down then I'll shut up, but until then


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