All right everyone, my favorite time of the year is here...All-Star weekend. What are everyone's predictions for this weekend??? Here are mine:

Horse: Durant, no questions asked

Rookie Challenge: Sophomore's win, and Beasley gets the MVP

Skills Challenge: Jennings wins

3pt: Danilo Gallinari beets Curry in the Championship

Dunk: Demar Derozan will destroy Eric Gordon in the dunk in and then beet Shannon Brown in the actual dunk contest

All-Star Game: I'm going out on the limb here and saying my boy Kevin Durant wins MVP

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Horse: I think Rajon Rondo

Horse: I think Rajon Rondo takes it. Surprise surprise

Rookie Challenge: Sophomore's win by alot, and O.J. Mayo is MVP.

Skills Challenge: Jennings wins

3pt: Danilo Gallinari beats Stephen Curry

Dunk: Shannon Brown beats Demar Derozan

All-Star Game: Carmelo Anthony gets MVP and the West wins.

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Horse: Casspi, i think he

Horse: Casspi, i think he will atleast be competitive.

Rookie Challenge: Sophomore's win in a blowout 145-118, Russell Westbrook MVP.

Skills Challenge: Deron Williams

3pt: Stephen Curry

Dunk: Shannon Brown

All-Star Game: East wins close 133-128 but dirk pulls off the upset for MVP in Dallas.

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horse:durant rookie game:


rookie game: sophomores with mayo getting mvp

skills: nash


3pt: frye over cook

all-star:west with durant for mvp

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horse-durant or rondo mayo

horse-durant or rondo
mayo or beasley mvp but wouldnt be suprised if westbrook got it
dunk brown
3pt curry
mvp..i wanna say durant but i think he will be a bit nervous and cant recall a first timer winning mvp before. ill say wade

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