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coach K. or coach Calipari to coach the Nets? If coach K. ends up as the coach it can attract some free agents to the Nets because he's the coach for team USA. All I know is that they need someone better then Kikki and he should just stick to the Gm role.

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i don't see coach k leaving

i don't see coach k leaving and no way do the nets bring calipari back again. His first time coaching the nets was considered a disaster especially when he he made those racist hispanic comments and had to give a public appology shortly before he got fired. He also was the guy who pulled the trigger on them drafting kerry kittles over kobe bryant.

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Kerry Kittles...that brings

Kerry Kittles...that brings me back. Coach K has a nice little gig going for himself. I don't buy that he is leaving either.

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it doesnt matter who they

it doesnt matter who they have because the problem isnt the coaching this year. its the players and they effort they give and the way they play plus age and injuries. i doubt if coach k leaves. no matter who the coach is when things go wrong players will start to tune out and blame the coach. ive heard college coachs get respect for awhile in the nba but then if they start losing players start to question if the coach can hack it on the nba level

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I don't think they are going

I don't think they are going to get a guy from college, there are plenty of NBA assistants and former head coaches that would be much better canidates. I doubt coach Cal is going to pull a Lane Kiffin and bolt after one year and coach K has had dozens of opportunities to coach in the pros and I don't think a 4 win team at the all-star break is going to be what finally convinces him to make the jump.

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