Texas-Big Ten

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Texas-Big Ten

Now Texas is being rumored to join the Big Ten. This would obviously be a huge loss for the Big 12 and a great gain for the Big Ten. They clearly need a program with both basketball and football teams and Texas is a perennial powerhouse in both sports.

Do you think this has any chance of happening?

How do you think Ohio St., Penn St, and the likes would respond to a Texas football program joining them?

Same goes for Mich St, Illinois, Ohio St in basketball.

If this happened it would end a lot of intense rivalries in the Big 12. I imagine the Big 12 will not go down without a huge fight in this one.

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Why the Big 10? They aren't

Why the Big 10? They aren't in the same region of the country as those teams. That's a strange move in my opinion. And why is the name of the conference the Big 10 and it has like 13 or14 teams in it?

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Yeah, it makes no sense

Yeah, it makes no sense because of the region, and it would also weaken the Texas-Oklahoma rivalry. The Big 10 only has 11 teams by the way.

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The attempt is about

The attempt is about broadening the reach of the Big 10 network into Texas. If they were to get the Longhorns, the network would be much more valuable because it would instantly make it a mandatory channel for any cable/satellite buyer in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, etc. There are 24 million people in Texas, and many of them are Longhorn fans.

I don't think Texas makes the move, but if they were to get an arrangement where they get placed in a Big Ten West with Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Northwestern for football it could be interesting. They would basically be scheduling themselves into a Big Ten title game with either Michigan or Ohio State every year. They'd still be able to have Oklahoma and A&M as annual rivalry games in the non-conference, and basically those are the only real rivalries Texas has in that league. Texas Tech and Baylor aren't exactly blood feuds, and the rest of the league are old Big 8 teams.

For basketball, it would be a bad move. Mid-week road games would be murderous because of the travel. It ends up being like the Big East or ACC with regard to home underdogs constantly give the premier teams problems because going to Boston or Miami from the real ACC region or to Louisville or Milwaukee from the real Big East region is a pain during the winter.

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i heard on the radio the

i heard on the radio the other day there are all kinds of rumors floating around about conferences changing some teams. They were saying missouri might go to the big 10 and colorado and byu would join the pac 10.

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Where did you hear this?

Give a link please would like to read this for myself. I Think this would be a very stupid move. One of the best things about the conferences is that they are usually within reasonable driving distances for family and students to follow the team. I can't see a group of Gopher fans driving to Houston to watch the game. If anything we should focuss on Iowa State Pittsburg or Cininncati as good options since they are within the state of a team already in the big ten. Notre Dame would be a ideal fit but they don't want to join so screw them lol. As far as the "BIG TEN" name even though we have more than ten teams, I suggest the GREAT LAKES CONFERENCE since all of our states (minus Iowa) are bordered by one of the 5 great lakes.

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