Rumor of Charlotte offering Law, Murray, 2010 1st for Tyrus Thomas

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Rumor of Charlotte offering Law, Murray, 2010 1st for Tyrus Thomas


I am not sure how does this work. The TWolves own the Bobcats' 2010 1st rounder (lottery protected to 2013), so how can they actually include it in a trade?

If indeed the trade can go through.

Who would get the pick if the Bobcats make the playoff? TWolves or Bulls?

If the Bobcats don't make the playoff, the pick should go to the Bulls? Would the 2011 1st rounder be kept by the Bobcats (due to no 1st rounder being traded in consecutive year rule). Does that mean TWolves won't see it until 2012?

This is kind of confusing to me. Anyone has an idea?

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Also I'm not sure if that pick is protected for this year. But iono

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Pick can't be traded

The Bobcats can not trade their first rounder. The next one they could trade would be for 2012, and if they do that the 2010 first rounder they owe the Wolves would immediately lose all protection. Probably wouldn't matter too much since they will likely make the playoffs and give up the pick anyway, but a consideration nonetheless. I would not listen to any reporter that says the Bobcats might use a 2010 first rounder in any trade, because they don't have one to trade.

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I have been hearing a few rumors about teams willing to give up first rounders for Tyrus. Isn't his contract up at the end of the year? I thought it was. If so that is a lot to give up for a guy that might not be back and that really has not shown any consistency in his game. I think he's probably worth the risk if you think he fits your system better or you have the guys to help him focus, but you need him for at least a couple of years.

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