JJ Hickson

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JJ Hickson

Earlier in the season when he was "almost" traded for anthonly randolph i said it would be robbery. I think JJ deserves a formal appology from me because he is simply tearing it up as of late. He is averaging 10 ppg and 7 rpg in the last 10 games. Sure he is just feeding off of lebron and shaq but he has shown some nifty foot work and great hops.

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He was really good getting

He was really good getting behind the defense tonight moving without the ball, and with Lebron passing the ball he was going to capitalize on those good cuts and backdoors. He's got upside and he's a physically gifted PF, so the fact that he's playing good is very promising.

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yeah, hickson looked real

yeah, hickson looked real good. But on a side note, jameer nelson personally made sure the magic had no chance of winning down the stretch. He was awful everytime down the court.

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He's pretty good

Definately a starter in this league. But that trade as never close to happening

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Even though he was a rookie

Even though he was a rookie last year..I felt Cleveland should've given him more minutes in the playoff series against the Magic last season..His athleticism would've been a little help against the Magic big guys....To me he still has too many holes in his game to be a dependable starter..But he fits right in with Cleveland

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