Trades That Should Happen

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Trades That Should Happen

With the trade deadline approaching and trade rumors aplenty, I thought I could tackle the more widely mentioned teams (Bos, Dal, Phi, Pho, Sac, Was) in some realistic and sensible trade scenarios.

1. 3-way trade between Bos, Dal, and Sac
Celtics receive: Kevin Martin, Eric Dampier, Sergio Rodriquez
Mavericks receive: Ray Allen, Sheldon Williams, Hilton Armstrong
Kings receive: Glen Davis, Rodrique Beaubois, Josh Howard

Breakdown: Move involving three players in highly publicized trade rumors (Martin, Allen, and Howard). The Celtics land Martin, a defensive big in Dampier, and a true back-up PG in Rodriquez. The Mavs finally add a true SG in Allen, while replacing quality with quantity by acquiring Williams and Armstrong. The Kings may be reluctant now to trade Martin, but they are only 3-11 in the 14 games since he returned to the lineup. By acquiring two young promising players who could make the starting lineup should make them reconsider. We all know what Howard could potentially bring to the table, but given that Casspi, Greene, and Nocioni are on the team, it might just be better suited to let him walk this off season.

2. 3-way trade between Det, Phi, and N.O
Pistons receive: Elton Brand, Willie Green, Jason Smith
76ers receive: Peja Stojakovic, Morris Peterson, Chris Wilcox
Hornets. receive: Richard Hamilton, Jason Maxiell

Breakdown: I don't know how many of you have noticed, but Elton Brand is regaining form. So far, he is averaging 17.2 ppg in the last 10 games. Detroit would certainly embrace the idea of acquiring a true post player while giving up a perimeter scorer (something they have an influx of), who is also aging and expensive. While Brand is older as well, seeing how Ben Wallace revived should reiterate how Brand is the better investment over Hamilton. I also like the potential of having Brand & Villanueva in the starting 5 together. With Villanueva & Gordon signed long term, you have to play them, and moving Hamilton helps that. Green doesn't command a lot of minutes, and he is a solid player off the bench or starting lineup. He's also a local hero, as he was raised in Detroit, and went to Detroit Mercy. Jason Smith is young 7-footer who probably needs a second chance to prove he could be a real player in this league.

Richard Hamilton, though signed through '12-'13, would be an upgrade over Stojakovic/Peterson for the Hornets. We saw when they acquired Okafor they showed they were concerned for winning, despite Okafor's long term contract. Maxiell gives them very nice big-man depth. The move also saves the Hornets 3 million on this season's cap.

Sixers simply move to rid themselves of the long term contract of Elton Brand with contracts that all expire in '11. Brand's is still a good player, but the team isn't winning enough with him on the team.

3. Phi & Pho
76ers receive: Amare Stoudemire, Jason Richardson, Taylor Griffin, 2011 First-Round pick (Top 20 protected)
Suns receive: Andre Iguodala, Jason Kapono, Samuel Dalembert

Breakdown: This move would be contingent on Stoudemire promising not to exercise his early termination clause, which wouldn't make sense to do anyways. The purpose for keeping Stoudemire for the '10-'11 season is to ensure the team of keeping a decent squad for that season. Then him, Richardson, and the other acquired players are set for free agency in 2011, leaving the Sixers with 2 first round picks and approximately 30 million in cap space for that summer. This is pretty much the rumored deal, and as a Sixers fan I would totally endorse this. This completes the necessary moves the Sixers need to make the transition to starting fresh. For the Suns, they get the guy they're really coveting in Iguodala. Dalembert is a guy great for running up & down the court to catch alley-oops and block shots. Plus he is pretty reliable in guarding the opposing teams' best bigs. Kapono is a great 3-point shooter who should just thrive in the Phoenix system.

4. Was & OKC
Wizards receive: James Harden, Etan Thomas, Nick Collison
Thunder receives: Brandon Haywood, Mike Miller, Fabricio Oberto

Breakdown: A move that makes a lot of sense for the Wizards if they want to move forward by acquiring a promising talent in Harden. To me, Harden is in an uncomfortable situation where he does not get a lot of touches in the offense. He's a natural scorer, so in his limited minutes puts a high volume of shots. Hence, the reason he shoots a poor percentage. In Washington, he would be the starting 2-guard, and obviously a regular in the offense. As for the Thunder, you acquire Miller, who to me can fill what they were trying to get from Harden; consistent scorer without disrupting the flow of the team. Haywood is an upgrade over Collison/Thomas. Collison should be a solid backup big for the Wizards, as they make the transition to McGee as their starting C.

5. Was & SAS
Wizards receive: Richard Jefferson, Keith Bogans, Malik Hairston
Spurs receive: Caron Butler, DeShawn Stevenson, Nick Young

Breakdown: A move sending two players that need a new change of scenery. Butler is the one most talked about names likeliest to be moved, and to a winning team like the Spurs makes sense. Too many rumored deals involve Butler going to teams with large cap space for summer '10 (i.e. Houston Rockets). Why would any of those teams mess it up with Butler's contract, when he's been having a sub-par season by his standards? And what good are expiring contracts for the Wizards when more than likely they're keeping Antawn Jamison, and they still are dealing with Gilbert Arenas? Nevertheless, Butler will still be an upgrade over Jefferson in San Antonio. Jefferson is having a nightmare season there, and a team like the Wizards where he could compete for leading scorer should help him bounce back. Stevenson and Young fill the void of SG/SF free agents that could potentially leave the Spurs after this season (Manu Ginobli, Roger Mason, Michael Finley), while the Wizards rid themselves of a couple knuckleheads.

Any comments would be appreciated.

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I like the Second and Third

I like the Second and Third trades. although the 76'ers would get a horrible deal in the Second trade.

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No way

Okc trades Harden he is one of the most underrated players in the league

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