Stoudemire to Miami?????

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Stoudemire to Miami?????

just like i broke the Tracy McGrady trade first here on cause it matters to us more i have another big trade rumor and it involves Amare Stoudemire.

Suns gets:
1. Michael Beasley and Dorrell Wright
2. Jermaine O'Neal and Quiten Richardson

Miami gets: Amare Stoudemire

other teams that have offered for Amare include:

76ers: who offered Samuel Dalembert and Andre Iguodala trade didnt go through cause the 76ers wanted Jason Richardson in the deal.

Another interest deal was a package that had a trade with Amare going to Sacromento in exchange for Kevin Martin.....

I believe Amare will be in a Miami Heat uniform...this would help Miami keep Wade cause it looks like he is eyeing Chicago. Speaking of Chicago the package deal out of Chicago is Kirk Heinrich and Tyrus Thomas. Knicks, Kings, Spurs, Hornets and Nuggets have all shown interest in Tyrus Thomas.

Thomas could end up in Charlotte by the deadline if nothing falls through, which means that Kirk Heinrich is all but out to Chicago...the Trade could include:

Bobcats get: Tyrus Thomas
Bulls get: Acie Law, Flip Murray and a 2010 First Round Pick.

Portland wants to get rid of Travis Outlaw and Steve Blake those two or one of the two could be gone by the deadline.

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I pretty believe Bealey

I pretty believe Beasley wouldn't be any worse than Amare in PHX, it would be perfect for him, allstar next year!!!!

but very good for Miami too

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actually you didnt break

actually you didnt break this..some one else already made a post about this yesterday...or it might have been the day before

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These rumors have been in

These rumors have been in the Hoops Daily section on the front page of this site since yesterday as well as Yahoo sports.

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76ers didnt want richardson.

76ers didnt want richardson. he makes way to much. suns WANTED him included

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why is Miami trying to get

why is Miami trying to get rid of Beasley???? he is not a bad player and its only his 2nd year in the league.

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yea this was posted

yea this was posted yesterday, and the trade with the sixers the suns wanted to include J rich, the sixers didnt want him. im not gonna bash u or give u negative points but dont come on here thinking you got the breaking news because usually it breaks or leaks on some site hours before we all hear about it.

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