John Henson

John Henson does appear to havea good amount of ability, however i believe he was overhyped. Yes, he is still a freshman, but i dont believe his frame will alow him to add much more weight. He occasionally throws down a highlight reel dunk or swats someone big, but the preseason Durantula comparisons are straight foolish. I see this kid eventually becoming a solid player at UNC--maybe a 13 and 8 with 2 blocks--in his prime there, being drafted and shelved away much like Brandan Wright. Show us something HENSON!

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actually he has a frame that

actually he has a frame that lookslike it could add weight by looking at his shoulders. and adding a good 15 pounds would be good enough if he ever learns to be a sf. the key is to get stronger above putting on alot of weight. he could get about t.prince weight or a lil bigger and be ok. he was overrated by many fans and scouts though. but thats the norm these days because everyone is always looking for the next best thing so players tend to get over hyped

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