Rick Pitino denies reports that he's heading back to the NBA

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Rick Pitino denies reports that he's heading back to the NBA

Pitnio is denying reports that he wants to coach the Nets...I have no intentions of coaching pro ball again, Pitino said early thursday morning..But According to an article in New York Daily News..Ex-Knicks & Celtics coach and Long Island native Rick Pitino wants to return to the NBA..Sources close to the Louisville coach has said he has reached out to the New Jersey brass about becoming their coach next season..A job currently held by interim coach and G.M. Kiki Vandeweghe..Vandeweghe has made it clear ,he has no intentions of coaching next season..Earlier this week Pitino & Rod Thorn the New President meet at Dick McGuire's funeral..But those close to Thorn say he hasn't contacted Pitino about the situation..Rumors have it,that the sex scandal from last summer has worn down Pitino..Who almost lost his job over it...

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Patino hasn't had the

Patino hasn't had the success he once did after leaving Kentucky. I believe his ego told him that he could easily come back to college coaching and return to the final 4 every few hasn't happened. Other coaches have ascended and others have caught him.

Dhamp2....the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

Kris Joseph is a three-point shot away from being a first round draft pick.
Wesley Johnson will be a lottery pick.
Syracuse has at least five, maybe six draftable players.
Willie Warren won't be a lottery pick.

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