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who is the 7 footer from

who is the 7 footer from Florida State that they are talking about? and Ed Davis is soft!!! why did he make the list?

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Solomon Alabi

He can block shots and protect the rim. He can help a team like the wolves on the defensive end. He'll be a project in the making on the offensive end but will help defensivily in the mean time. I can see this guy getting drafted from Mid to late on potential. He is strong and has good leaping ability, also runs the floor pretty good for his size.

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I don't if Alabi will

I don't if Alabi will declare, and no offense but I think Alabi is a future Dampier, (at best), or Sear Sene (worst, YIKES) Varnado won't make lottery and nor will Henry. Henry needs to return to school for at least another year. Must improve his jump shot, and gain some weight and strength. Maybe add some defense to his game.

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Or Henry needs to work on everything that is the opposite of what you said.

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Henry's game vs Texas was

Henry's game vs Texas was the best he's had in at least a month. He didn't go for 20, but he actually looked for mid-range jumpers drove to the rim and finished strong on an impressive half court oop. He also played great D and looked for teammates when he drew double teams in the lan. If he can stay away from camping by the 3 point line and jacking 25 footers he still has a shot at the lottery, but he has some work to do. Also, I agree with butidonthavethemoney, Henry plays pretty good D for a frosh and no way he needs to add more weight to his 235 pound frame at 6'7''

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Solomon Alabi

I think Solomon Alabi would be a teen pick if he's coming out.

Although he's raw, he got the size (7-1) and strength (big upper body) to be a decent starting center.

Apparently, he got good personality and work ethics along with great hands and soft touch (he's shooting over 80% at the stripe).

He got a lot of potential and I think he would be better than Erick Dampier.

With the size, the good hands, the soft touch, the character, I think he can eventually become a borderline star one day. The biggest concern would be injury though as he redshirt his freshman season (that's why he's a soph born in 1988). Knee injuries are always a big concern for big man.

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i think he will be ok. i

i think he will be ok. i dont think he will be as good as dampier though.

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