Vinsanity drops 48..

Carter scores 48, 19-27 , 6-10 for 3 and he had 10 layups.... I think that he just needs to attack the rim often and he could be easy 21 ppg.... he takes to many 3s and with this game he proved that he is still a great player... people were dissin him for taking those shoots and he really decided to attack the basket more and it worked.... what do you think ?

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He is my favourite player of

He is my favourite player of all time, and watching him play in January was just sad. Just a couple days ago, I watched the game they played against the Celtics, and I noticed his explosiveness is gone, he looks slow footed and have no elevation on his jumpers and layups. Hope this 48pt game can get him back on track, he is still one of the top offensive players in the league when he attacks.

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he needed that

he needed that

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this makes up for his lousy January, I guess not hopefully this brings back the vinsanity everyone remebers. Orlando would greatly benefit from this outburst.

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