NCAA Tournament

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NCAA Tournament

Looking at Bracketology I see Lunardi has the A-10 getting 6 bids right now. Does anyone else find that crazy. I hope they do, but I doubt they will because they're a mid-major conference.

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I think they will get 5
I think they will get 5 teams in the tournament.  A lot of teams in the A10 have strong RPI & SOS. That conference is going to make some noise in the tournament. 
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A-10 is pretty solid this

A-10 is pretty solid this year, I do think Temple is a little overrated and is a canidate to go down in the first round with a pretty good seed, which I think Richmond could be a dangerous team in the tourney. It's still a month or so away, but with conference play heating up, I can't wait.

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Dayton is the wildcard

With a 5-3 conference record (6th in the A-10), and 16-6 overall, this will be the team that determines how many bids the A-10 gets. If Dayton wins the A-10 tournament, I doubt more than 4 teams get bids. If they don't, I think the A-10 get 5 (Charlotte, Xavier, Temple, Richmond, and URI).

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