Should the NBA playoffs go to a 1 game winner takes all like the SUPERBOWL?

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Should the NBA playoffs go to a 1 game winner takes all like the SUPERBOWL?

Watching the superbowl yesterday someone brought up that subject in the room..Some said it would make the finals more entertaining..And it'll draw millions of viewers..People who don't even like football watch the Superbowl..Some said it should be like the final 4 and bring in the 4 best teams ...2 from the Eastern Conference & 2 from the West... But i said the nba went to a 16 team format to enable other teams to make money....Which is something i read when they decided to expand the playoffs a few years ago...

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I personally like how the

I personally like how the Finals is. More basketball the better :p. But then again one game for it will make it more entertaining and will attract more people.

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I don't like the one game

I don't like the one game idea... Any team can get hot and win on any given night, but the better team usually wins a series.

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The NBA is too competitive all around for that. The worst team in the league (well maybe not the Nets) Is capable of getting hot from three and beating the Lakers. They are professionals. Basketball isn't a battlefield like football where it's impractical to play several games and you need a week to heal and gameplan. Over a best of 7 I feel that the better team 99 percent of the time emerges victorious. In a best of 1, It would be more like 60 percent of the time.

The NBA doesn't need a tournament. Thats good for Amatuer ball, like high school and college. The NBA needs to know the best team has won and crown a world champion. Plus, that would absolutely KILLLL revenue. Those series have potentially 7 games worth of TV audiences and publicity.

The NBA playoffs aren't a quick fix like the NCAA tourney but I think the way it is now is perfect, for basketball integrity and financial reasons.

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^ canesboy stole all of my

^ canesboy stole all of my answers. Money, simple as that.

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i agree keep it how it is. i

i agree keep it how it is. i cant see football doing it like the nba because its too physical

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the whole point to a 1 game

the whole point to a 1 game series in the football playoffs is because if they played 7 game series they wouldnt have a team by the end of the first one due to injuries...

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Probably not and obviously

Probably not and obviously the owners and players will never go for it becaz of money lost.

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It should really be a best of 3 or five, since 99% of NBA Finals never go seven games anyway...It's a complete waste of resources all in the effort to make an extra buck.

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good for the fans

This is a great idea for the fans, but as many before me said, not something the players or owners would go with based on revenue lose. But for the average fan or even non fan, this would make it more interesting. Let all of the teams in and make it like the NCAA. I know you're asking if every team is gonna get in regardless, why would they even try throughout the season. You still look for home court advantage. The Lakers can play every game at home while the Nets would be in a different city every night.

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