Devid Lee in OKC?!?!?

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Devid Lee in OKC?!?!?

Knicks forward David Lee sometimes is mentioned as a possible piece to add to Kevin Durant, Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook. Does Lee, a free agent in the ballyhooed 2010 class, feel he would fit in Oklahoma City?

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IMO, if he goes to OKC, they

IMO, if he goes to OKC, they need to add a true center to play next to him. Imagine if they could get a pretty good defensive center, add Lee, move Green to the bench, they would be super deep and a very scary team...

Possible lineup:
PG: Westbrook/Maynor
SG: Sefolosha/Harden
SF: Durant/Green
PF: Lee/Green
C: Gortat/Kristc

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David Lee is the kind of

David Lee is the kind of player that would fit anywhere. Brings his hard hat and just plays his ass off. I don't think he would complain about coming off the bench either if he was on a team that won.

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the thunder should have

the thunder should have snatched him up last summer. hes unrestricted now so itll be much harder because he will get more offers

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I like David Lee but his is

I like David Lee but his is not the physical big they need. They need a physical defensive presence
Jeff Green is doing a good enough job now at the 4.

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an idea
Just a thought, and this could be a good pickup regardless of whether or not they add Lee, how about the Thunder go after an solid veteran who they can bring in to provide some toughness, rebounding and defense...Jermaine O'neal? He is obviously past his prime but this team has enough offense and wouldnt really need him to do much offensively, he's also made enough money in his career ($20 mil this season think) so they could probably get him on a reasonable contract. I think he would be a great veteran pickup for this team
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trade plus funny

okay, so i was just playing around to see how oklahoma could get gortat and lee: so here it is, dont take it seriously, it just gets funny...
NY trades Chandler, Lee, Jeffries
ORL trades Gortat, Redick, Johnsnon
OKC trades Thomas, Ollie, White, Collison

so that works on the trade machine and NY is -6, ORL is +2, OKC is +9

but this is the funny thing that happened, i decided to throw in weaver from OKC to go to ORL and i guess ESPN thinks he is amazing and a key part to their team cause just by trading them OKC went to a -13.. so kyle weaver will cause the thunder to lose 22 more games if he leaves.. just wow lol

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dmo21. that trade makes

dmo21. that trade makes absolutely no sense at all. who is going where.?

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If David Lee went to the

If David Lee went to the Thunder I would probably start rooting for the Thunder even more. That team is going to continue to get better like it's no one's business.

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i dont l9ke it because they

i dont l9ke it because they are set at the pf with green. would be nice if they get a high pick and get cousins. if not i like aldrich as well. but they are young and they have time to wait on sabika as well so its not a real big need right now

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OKC needs a Camby/Chandler

OKC needs a Camby/Chandler type Center, athletic shoot blocker rebounder who can hit a 15 footer. Someone who you don't have to run set plays for lob, allys, and put backs. Maybe a young Center like Jordan.

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They would likely do a sign

They would likely do a sign and trade.

How about this?

David Lee to OKC for Eric Maynor and Nick Collinson

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