Evan Turner!

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Evan Turner!

more and more i think he is locking 2nd pick, with his ball-handling and after that big time scoring and stealing games like today i start to think he is more like Tyreke than Roy.. maybe still not that good scorer, but very very good and super versatility player with very good defensive potential..

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Here's where I'm confused

Here's where I'm confused about Evan Turner

We compare him to Brandon Roy....I never seen Roy play PG. Turner will probably never play PG. Why does it matter that he has this super versatility.

I understand it's good to be able to play both G spots but if he never gonna play PG...why does it matter?

Also, if New Jersey, Detroit or any other team who has a SG get the 2nd pick....where would he go?

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Because Roy does essentially

Because Roy does essentially play PG for the Blazers...whenever I've seen the Blazer's he's the one running their sets. He's got the ball in his hands either scoring or distributing to other guys for a shot. Roy isn't technically listed as the PG, but he runs their team like a PG would. Thats why Turner is compared to him.

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More and more

There is more non Pg's not running the show the bobcats have two with captian jack and diaw we all know about lebron and his playmaking mr.Evans of the kings now David lee of my hometown knicks and yes Brandon Roy and I think some team my make Evan Turner there primary playmaker

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Turner can play the point

Turner can play the point forward position much like Grant Hill, Pippen, and to some extent T-mac did. A 6'7 wing who can bring the ball upcourt and run an offense is pretty special. I am really high on this kid and don't think he will get passed up at 2 regardless of team need.

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why can't he play point?

why can't he play point? The nba is moving to having shorter point guards and having a 6'6" guy at point would present a lot of post up options.

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With the growing number of

With the growing number of guys point guard size with shooting guard strength, Evan would be the perfect guy to pair that player with like Iverson and Evan Turner would be a good match.

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will be an elite sg-sf and also could play a little point. Turner is not a point gaurd and should never be considerd a point gaurd, although he can dribble the ball as well as most shooting gaurds and few small forwards!

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