Brandon Jennings showed again what the Knicks missed not taking him in last year's NBA Draft.

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Brandon Jennings showed again what the Knicks missed not taking him in last year's NBA Draft.

The Bucks' Brandon Jennings showed again what the Knicks missed not taking him in last year's NBA Draft.

Though Nate Robinson, in his first game as starting point guard, had 13 points, seven assists and no turnovers, he also shot 3-of-12 and was outplayed by Jennings in the Knicks' 114-107 loss last night at the Garden.

The same night Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni benched Chris Duhon, Jennings had 22 points and eight assists. He had 19 in the second half, and said he never will understand why the Knicks passed him over for Jordan Hill.

"But that's life. Everybody makes mistakes," Jennings said. "They didn't talk to me [before], but I did work out for them. And I did have a good workout, by the way."

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I think part of the reason

I think part of the reason they passed on Jennings was that they thought they would be able to pull Rubio away from Minny. The thing is though, they don't have the pieces to get Rubio. Kahn knows how much of an asset Rubio is, or is at least hyped up to be. Unless NY would be willing to deal guys like Chandler and Lee along with multiple firsts, Kahn just isn't going to make that move until he knows what he has and what any other interested teams would be willing to offer.

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Not a lot of teams will kick

Not a lot of teams will kick themselves for passing on a rookie who has been shooting 33% from the field since Thanksgiving.

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Knicks will be alright.

Knicks will be alright. Jennings is good but he would not be a good fit because of his shooting woes. I like Jennings as a player and feel he will be really good but he will never be the shooter that Knicks would like at point guard. Knicks really wanted and need Curry. Look at his stats with GSW in an offense that Ellis dominates. I actually would say Curry is better than Jennings but Jennings potential is greater though but Curry can shoot pass and get steals despite his athletic shortcomings that were severely overblowned. Hill is a good prospect at the 4 though and with everything falling their way Knick could get a point for cheap this next season. Someone will have to make room for John Wall. HInrich and Ford can be had.

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BothTeamsPlayedHard he is

BothTeamsPlayedHard he is shooting bad but he has shown the ability to be a very good point, i'm sure if he had more talent around him he would average 10 apg. However with the talent he has he is forced to be a score first guy which he isn't bad at but it's not the best way to use him.

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I would actually rather have

I would actually rather have Collison on my team than Jennings...His upside is greater than Collison,but right now shooting under 38 percent from the field wont cut it

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Are you guy's serious? Ha he

Are you guy's serious? Ha he is a rookie! If you don't think the Knick's and other teams are not kicking themselves for passing on him you crazy, dude is going to be one of the best PG's possibly in a few years.

He started off strong and he is jus hitting the rookie wall all will be good for Jennings don 't forget he did drop 55 points and was tearing the league up for a minute, dude is determined not to fail, so the Knicks are kicking themselves in the A$$ you better believe that.

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Give Jennings someone that

Give Jennings someone that can score 20 and the shooting % will rise

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The deal with Jennings is

The deal with Jennings is that he is not a great shooter, just had an amazing game. If you watch him play though, I am assuming most of you haven't, he is getting better every game. His scoring is down but he is a great floor leader. His assists have gone up while his turnovers have gone down. There were knocks on his character. but clearly, he is all about the team and extremely unselfish. He may only get 2pts but he runs the point flawlessly and the team gets a win, that's all that matters to him. Also, look what he has around him, Bogut and nothing else. When he gets some scorers around him, watch out.

If you chose Collison over Jennings you would be making a huge mistake, in my opinion.

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yeah im pretty sure teams

yeah im pretty sure teams will still be kicking there selfs reguardless of the shooting percentage because they arent nearcited. you dont just look at half a season when you are looking at a player. you think now and future

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Funny how all of those

Funny how all of those Jennings supporters have quieted down or just completely disappeared... People were declaring him better than Rose and Westbrook after only three weeks of the season... Somebody even said he'd be better than Rose by the end of the season!

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