WTF is up in Minny?

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WTF is up in Minny?

After beating the Grizzlies tonight, the T-Wolves have won 4 straight since sending Love to the bench and adding Hollins to the starting lineup. The minutes are basically evenly split between the bench and starters and the ball is being evenly spread out. I love what Rambis has done with this team recently. After the last couple weeks, at least for now, the future is looking much brighter in Minny.

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Wolves seem to be playing with better confidence lately. Corey Brewer is really playing pretty good ball lately that is a major reason they are winning more. Jefferson is rounding back into shape and the new rotation seems to be working, kevin love gets the bench more options, so they aren't so pitiful.

Twolves if they can somehow get a turner or cousins in this draft + a good FA or trade expire for player deal + rubio/pekovic assets, look to have a bright future.

I'm excited as a fan of the team.

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Hollins seems to give them

Hollins seems to give them length on defense and with Jefferson playing healthy and with you having 2 quality point guards and alot of vets things are looking promising. Also Brewer is another long player. Having that length helps hide how bad of a defensive player Jefferson is.

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