Colts Vs Saints. Who do you go for?

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Colts Vs Saints. Who do you go for?

Who do you go for Superbowl 44? I'm a Giants fan. But they were trashy this year.I knew Colts and Saints were going to go to the Super bowl when both were doing really good in the season. So who do you go for? Colts? Or Saints?

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LOL random but I like the

LOL random but I like the Saints but i think colts could win it :p

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I want the Saints to win but

I want the Saints to win but the Colts probably will. Saints defence is based on forcing turnovers but Peyton Manning doesn't throw picks and you can't blitz him which is why they force turnovers. Minnisota would have put up a better fight. Final score of 35 to 21 Colts win, Manning recognized as best QB ever.

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34-28 New Orleans. I have a

34-28 New Orleans. I have a strange feeling the Saints win this game

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Im a vikes fan so it was

Im a vikes fan so it was painful 2 weeks ago, but I'm hoping the Saints pull out a W. That being said Manning is a freakin machine back there and I think hes gonna be awfully hard to top in the SB.

Still I think Who Dat nation wants this a bit more than Indy and the Saint will pull out a tough win 31-28

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"Peyton Manning doesn't

"Peyton Manning doesn't throw picks"

I'm heartbroken right now... He threw one when it really mattered lol. I turned the channel after that... We're a young team, so we'll be good next season. It's amazing what Manning did with two rookie receivers, no run game and a defense missing a former Defensive MVP.

Congrats to the Saints though... They made the plays that counted.

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