Courtney Fortson VS Eric Bledsoe

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Courtney Fortson VS Eric Bledsoe

How is Bledsoe getting so much hype about the NBA and Fortson isn't??? Jus Wondering because Fortson has been beasting and continued that today with a near triple double 24 pts 10 rebounds 7 assist.

What are yall thoughts?

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He's 5,10 and he's as old as a senior.

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Also beldsoe is on one of

Also beldsoe is on one of the best teams in the country and everybody loves the superstars sidekick. (one the perimeter i mean)

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Fortson can't shoot, is very

Fortson can't shoot, is very turnover prone, and would be a post-up magnet in the NBA. He's also a character concern. He's an explosive player who has the ability to be a factor slashing to the rim and as a change-of-pace 2nd or 3rd PG in the NBA and putting pressure on the ball, but he's not a prospect until he shows he can play at different speeds and develop a jumper.

Bledsoe is the better prospect because he has all the physical tools Fortson has, plus he's a better shooter and overall defender.

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bledsoe isnt that tall his

bledsoe isnt that tall his self( prob 6'0 if that) hes also turnover pronbe with 3 plus turnover a game without even handling the ball awhole lot.

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