Your The GM

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Your The GM

Here's the situation.

You are the GM of an NBA team, and you have lots of Cap-Space to fill.
You need a solid Power Forward, here are you're options :

-Sign Bosh for 2 years.

-Sign Garnett for 4 years.

-Sign Stoudemire for 2 years.

-Trade your Starting center and sign D. Howard, Use your PF prospect to start.

lets just say all these players are Free Agents.

Who do you guys take?

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Depends on what team you

Depends on what team you have, but for most I would say sign Bosh for 2 years. If the team had a solid PF prospect and your C was pretty weak, then trade the C and get Howard while starting the prospect.

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The only thing that is for

The only thing that is for sure is that i'm not taking KG for 4 years. I love his game but he is already showing his age. depending on my center i could take any of the other three options.

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Bosh and Amare are not

Bosh and Amare are not taking 2 year but I would have to take Bosh because KG is nearing the end and Amare, I just don't like.

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Definitely not Garnett as great as he is.
Not Amar'e, he is not in Bosh's or Howard's league
If you can get a pf, howard would be good
and Bosh is great, so either Bosh or Howard would be a great deal.

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