Evan Turner

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Evan Turner

Everybody alway says this guy plays just like BRoy and yes they have some things in common. The guy he plays exactly like to me is a young Grant Hill with the great rebounding, passing, and midrange game. Some might not agree but if he keeps playing the way has been playing I don't see why a team won't pick him 1st.

He and Wall will both have great careers. The thing about them is he can affect a game in more ways than Wall cuz he scores better, rebounds better, and can play a high or low tempo game. Passing is even Wall just has better weapons. The only diff is Wall is a way better athlete. I think Turner is a true point and with all the smaller combo guards you can have him and 1 of them and make an amazing backcourt.

I see this guy being a 19,7, and 7 guy in the league if not a little more scoring. So basically I'm wondering besides elite athletism what does Wall have that's on another level than Turner besides hype? This is no knock on Wall this is me seeing Turner as a better all around guard. Turner isn't a bad athlete just not an elite one!

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Yeah Turner has become a

Yeah Turner has become a superstar very quickly..He reminds me of former allstar Sidney Moncrief....He might have a better rookie year stat wise then Wall ...But Wall's unique style of play will be the talk of the league..I hope Kentucky meets Ohio State in the tournament..It would be great for them to create a rivalry going into the nba....Turner will go somewhere in the top 4..But not number 1

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I don't like the Roy

I don't like the Roy comparisons either. I think more of a Penny/Hill type player as well. Wall has been so hyped and crowned the number 1 pick for so long that I think people aren't willing to consider anyone else. I do think Wall is a superstar in the making but Turner is definitely more NBA ready right now. Also, a 6'7 wing who can run the point is a lot harder to find than a 6'4 point. It is a valid arguement between them.

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I like to compare Turner to Scotty Pippen. Pippen was a 6'7 SF who also played PG, SG and SF along side Jordan. He does a lot of everything but isn't amazing just like Turner. Turner is no doubt in my mind good and will be a start but wit Wall, he's a game changer. There isn't too many game changers in the league and when you can get your hands on one of those players, you do so as a francise regardless of who you have on your team.

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Compare Evan Turner to ?

I think this thread is very interesting because everyone assumes John Wall will be the first player taken. I essentially agree with Bayless4 in that Evan Turner is a very unique player who just might go number one to the right team. You rarely see anyone with his wide array of skills and drive.

John Wall is also an off the chart talent, but he's a point guard. Therefore, I think it all depends on who has the number one selection. If it's a team that already has an elite PG, such as a Derrick Rose, they should go for someone like Evan Turner.

And if Minnesota has the first selection in the draft, you can bet everything you have they will select yet another point guard [LOL].

Why are people obsessed about comparing college players to someone who's currently in the league? We don't have to compare anyone with Evan Turner, let's evaluate him on his own.

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wheres the fun in that?

wheres the fun in that?

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I said it this summer and

I said it this summer and I'll say it again. Brandon Roy and not John Wall will be Rookie of the Year. I hope I'm right. I said Brandon Jennings would be Rookie of the Year too.

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I do think that Evan Turner is a potential #1 Pick simply because New Jersey may get that pick and it's hard to just throw away Devin Harris, A PROVEN NBA STUD for a great, yet young prospect(John Wall). I think that he (Turner) will fit in well with New Jersey. Also off the topic, but Lance Stephenson is goin #40 according to the NBA Mock Draft here, so is it possible he falls 3 more spots down to my LAKERS??

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