Amare tells FanHouse he's leaning toward not opting OUT

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Amare tells FanHouse he's leaning toward not opting OUT

Phoenix AllStar Amare Stoudemire can opt out of his current contract at the end of this season that pays him 17.6 million dollars a year, or he can wait until 2011 and become a free agent..I can opt out this summer or i can opt in,which means i'll be back in Phoenix next year..And i'm leaning more toward opting in..That would be to bide some time to see how we do,Stoudemire said after Wednesday morning shoot around...Stoudemire said the next step is for a deal to be offered,and how that goes will factor into if he'll be dealt or not..I don't know if the Suns would be willing to pay max money to me or anyone,it's just the financial state of the team right now..I love this city,I love playing with Nash..But, at the same time..I'm open, open to playing with other teams ..There's nothing written in stone..We'll see how it plays out...

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if amare doesn't opt out I

if amare doesn't opt out I think he's owed like 17 million ... i really never thought that given the current state of the economy he'd be able to walk away from that. i think he might be hard pressed to find a team willing to match or exceed that amount of money annually in a long term deal

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hed be incredibly stupid if

hed be incredibly stupid if he opted in.... this year is gonna be the last year to get a big contract before the new cba.. im betting almost everybody opts out at the end of this year for that reason... .maybe not leaving their teams but they will seek new contracts

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