Wtf Nazr Mohammed

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Wtf Nazr Mohammed

I didn't see the game but how did this guy get 23 points and 17 rebounds against Gasol and Bynum?

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Gasol is soft and Bynum has

Gasol is soft and Bynum has his moments ppl think he's the best Center in the league thats just wrong.

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I think people forget that

I think people forget that Mohummed is not really that bad of a player. He was solid out of Kentucky but like Magloire they both have underachieved but ever now and they show why people saw something in them. People clown about Magloire making the all star team but he played pretty well in that game showing nice moves and touch but still he could not keep it up. Also nowadays power forwards take the Center spot because there is more good pf and few good centers.

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I always knew he was a

I always knew he was a super-star.

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he isnt retarded

he isnt retarded, i mean everybody has his night..... and agree with sheltwon, nazr isnt bad player

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I agree with everything

I agree with everything Sheltwon said.

Dhamp2...the greatest basketball mind in the world. Next to Hubie Brown anyway.

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Never underestimate a crafty

Never underestimate a crafty veteran. He won a ring as a starter for the Spurs.

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This is the 2nd game where

This is the 2nd game where the Lakers front court got there shit beat. Randolph and Gasol beat Pau and Bynum a few nights ago. Think this is just a drought, or is going to turn into a habit??

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