Bulls Fans doubting Rose's playmaking capability after Clippers Lost?

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Bulls Fans doubting Rose's playmaking capability after Clippers Lost?

Does Rose lead by example in fourth quarters, (2) draw double-teams, (3) and molds himself as unselfish?

Y'all have to stop this. Rose isn't a traditional set and probe type of Point Guard, he's a Lead Guard. Also, Vinny doesn't want him to run the team like Nash or Paul because Hinrich is there. Once Hinrich leaves, Rose will have the ball in his hand a lot more bu I like that strategic, allowing Rose to not max himself out when we really aren't winning a championship with the current supporting cast. I saw some plays where Rose dished last night and his target was wide-open and most of their shot selection bounced off the rim. I also believe outside of Deng, players aren't catching and shooting like they should, this is a product of Gordon leaving. You can't have players all wanting to drive the lane because defenses start to occlude that morsel space. So just chill-out with the "is Rose a Point Guard" mess.

Mold A Guard

Chris Paul: Excellent combination of Lead and Point.

Steve Nash: The best Point.

Chauncey Billups: The best Lead.

Deron Williams: Lead Guard.

Rajon Rondo: Second to Nash in Point regards.

Jose Calderon: Pure Point.

Derrick Rose: Very good Lead.

Seriously, why in the hell would Rose probe around like Hinrich, Nash, or Paul? He doesn't. You know why, because he knows none of them can shoot. So why waste energy and take away from your career longevity? That's a sign of a true leader. I guarantee, watch Rose at the All-Star game, you're going o think he's back at Simeon.

I really feel Derrick Rose is the most adapt to improvising in the NBA. He does it off raw skills. He's nowhere near refined but his improvisation just can't be touched at the moment. Though, his refining will come with age.

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I agree 100%. I said in an

I agree 100%. I said in an earlier post that he is developing into more of a Wade type player.

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if they had better shooters

if they had better shooters and played him and tyrus in the pick and roll he could make them as good as they could be this year. what he needs more than anything is a low post bucket getter

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