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Im a die hard Detroit fan. If the Pistons draft Donatas Motiejunas I may no longer even be a fan. The euro has less crudentials then Darko even did... Thats outrageous. With all the big men in this draft there is no way Joe D could mess this up...Right? Cousins should be the guy there is nothing more we need then a big man who will play with his back to the basket. He will mature. We dont need a Rasheed.. We already have Chuck Vill who could play very well with Cousins. If we cant get Cousins and Hassan Whiteside declares I would have no problem rolling the dice on this guy. His game against Memphis was HUGE. He is putting up monster numbers this season, not only with his defense but he is showing that he can score the ball. The third name would have to be Favors. He has been up and down but he is a freshman and not even the number 1 option on his team or have John all mighty Wall.

Pistons draft options:
1. Cousins
2. Whiteside
3. Favors
4. Aldrich
5. Monroe

Anyone think differently?

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